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SuperRolodex is an easy to use Windows based desk-top software application that allows you to create and customize
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11 June 2015

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A database program.

Super Rolodex comes with a user interface that is very easy to use. It will be simple for most users to use this tool to create customized databases. There are additional modules to be published soon that include pre-designed user-interfaces specifically built to extend the Super Rolodex. Customizing the program is simple. These pre-built interfaces will help extend the Super Rolodex program into different applications to suit a wide variety of design layouts. It then is suitable for a range of database related applications. It was originally created to be used as just a "contacts" program. It evolved into a more sophisticated program as people started using it. Now it is being used for personal as well as businesses big and small. The main window show complete details of each record. You can simply pick a record by clicking on the list on the left.

Adding, updating or deleting records are buttons available on the control panels. You also have a search text boxes to make searching for a record easier. In one of the text boxes, you can highlight keywords for finding the record quickly. No user should find any problems with using these simple buttons. Creating a new record is simple. When you request a new record to be created, you get a form that is structured for your specific record. You simply type information into the fields. You can add tags and keywords. The more keywords you have and the more they are appropriate, will help you find the record easily.

Publisher's description

SuperRolodex is simple and very straight forward to use, and with its custom design feature you can make the program become whatever data retrieving tool you want it to be, and this is what makes SuperRolodex so powerful. SuperRolodex is a Windows based desk-top software application that allows you to create and customize personal and business databases, add records to the databases, and be able to search every field of every record at once. All your records can be found using keyword searches. You can even create custom electonic catalogs with the built-in file linking feature. This program will make your life at home and at work much more easy, efficient and productive.
Super Rolodex
Super Rolodex
Version 6.0
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